Episode 50: Sleepaway Camp (1983)


Welcome to Episode 50 of Horror Movie Night! We all survived our first year and haven't gone on too many murderous rampages yet, and for our anniversary, we discussed the fantastic camp slasher SLEEPAWAY CAMP from 1983. Matt is overjoyed that he's surrounded by so much young fresh chicken, Scott is hoping to score with counselor Meg on her night off, and Adam is just hanging out in the background pumping iron. Let your hair down and get some head by the lake - it's Horror Movie Night's 50th episode!

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"And Terrible Accents. Like Just the worst accents" - Matt

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Which show has the charming gay? HMN, HMN, hey hey hey! That's right, we're back with another Listener Submitted Month movie, and are joined by the lovely Joshua from our friends at Fright School. Together, we talk about pom-poms, spanx and sex pests in the obscure slasher CHEERLEADER CAMP (1988). Is it good? Maybe? Is it bad? Sorta, but we all agreed that it was entertaining in its way. We hope your routine is memorized, sister!

Crushing beers, negging girls into some dry humping, light hate crimes and possible vehicular manslaughter - the good ol' college days all white dudes yearn to relive! Except this time, THIS THIRD TIME, someone is killing all our bros in inventive ways! Who's going to help us do kegstands now?! It's a very DUDE BRO PARTY MASSACRE III day with your actual bros Matt and Brian and their not-actual bro Scott, and you know we're just itching to finally beef. The hazing continues as we mostly just quote the ridiculousness on display in this masterpiece from the 5 Second Films crew. We've ruined your liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife!

Your hosts on Horror Movie Night normally review charming trash cinema....but not this week. No, this week, Matt subjected his cohosts to some serious punishment. You may even call him sick for choosing this one: 2003's straight-to-video dog turd S.I.C.K. (Serial Insane Clown Killer), aka The Room of slasher flicks. Tone deaf performances, non-existent budget (and eyebrows), bad plot, worse twist, but in the end, this MAY be a bit of a party movie, as long as there is heavy drinking involved. Note: this show does not condone overindulgence in controlled substances, but they may be helpful when consuming S.I.C.K. Get ready for slowed-down nursery rhymes, they'll be the last thing you hear before a fat bastard joyfully knocks your block off here on Horror Movie Night!