Episode 51: Dolls (1987)


If you've ever dreamed of your terrible father and stepmother being dismembered by an 8-foot-tall, remorseless teddy bear, then this week's pick is for you! Matt picked Dolls (1987) so that he could talk about how great this early draft of How I Met Your Mother is. He also wanted to talk about the trash punk girls with bad teeth. We think. Hold onto your porcelain eyes, it's another episode of Horror Movie Night!

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"This definitely woke something in him" - Scott

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We're heading back to the killer doll well to talk alien demons, robot laser tag and the diminishing returns of Full Moon franchises with PUPPET MASTER 4! We are joined by our buddy Vincent DeSanti of Womp Stomp Films (director and Jason in the fantastic NEVER HIKE ALONE), who drunkenly agreed to tackle this pick with us at Pop Rock N Horror con earlier this summer. He may have the silkiest voice you've ever heard on our show, so bring a towel, he gon make u sweat.

In our continued efforts to discuss every killer doll movie ever made, as well as to coincide with the reboot now in theaters, your hosts revisited some kinder-trauma with 1990's CHILD'S PLAY 2! We come to a general consensus that this is the best entry in the series, though maybe not everyone's favorite (ahem Brian), and spend the entire episode gushing over how good the Chucky effects look. We're all smile because we have a friend til the end this week and forevermore here on Horror Movie Night!

Even short-time listeners of the show have probably guessed that HMN loves all things practical effects, especially murderous playthings. So it should come as no surprise that we tackled the awful/entertaining 1992 Full Moon direct-to-video release DEMONIC TOYS! Baby Oopsie Daisy tries desperately to suck the joy out of our rewatch of this classic b-horror with its terrible puns, but thankfully, we have Jack Attack and Grizzly Teddy to keep things going strong through the final act. It's anyone's guess what the writers were on while crafting this masterpiece, but this kind of genius most certainly requires an altered state to achieve such thought-provoking prose as a killer baby doll grumbling, "HI YA FAT FUCK!"