Episode 52: Terrorvision (1986)


Holy tomato, we're heading back to the days of paper classified ads, genuine interest in music videos, and the seductive lure of satellite television! That's right, we're going intergalactic and eating everything with 1986's TerrorVision. The French exchange student from Better Off Dead, the Wolfman from Monster Squad, and Beef from Phantom of the Paradise do their best to avoid becoming space monster poop, and the HMN guys do their best to find something, anything critical to say about this charming 80s time capsule. Now, mother's going to make you take your pill so we can all enjoy Horror Movie Night!

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"Yeaaa!" - Everyone

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What hell hath HMN wrought? Upon Matt's insistence, a fan submission and our better judgment, the guys suffered through 2002's z-grade abomination Terror Toons. Watching this made one host giddy, while the others cursed the inventors of green screens and their own births. Hold onto your insane fake boobs and your nu metal CD binder, it's another episode of Horror Movie Night!

Adam has gone to Pittsburgh to audition for some weird late night snuff show, but while he was gone Matt and Scott watched Videodrome. Joining us this week is Alison who not only picked the film but is also Canadian so perhaps she can explain to us why Canadian horror movies are so fucking weird. Either way, LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH!

All right, ya hosers, it's time to tighten that grip on your hockey sticks and Molsons, because the guys are traversing the wrinkles in the script of 1988's Canadian sci-fi horror romp The Brain! Ironically, Adam hates the fruit of his country's labors (well, maybe not that ironic, he hates everything), but at least Matt and Scott have some glowing praise for this low-budget, alien-filled car chase. The guys suggest crowd-funding the last $5 for The Brain's budget, so bring your loonies to Horror Movie Night!