Episode 61: The Toxic Avenger (1984)


Life got you down? Can't seem to get ahead at work? Girlfriend not letting you commit vehicular homicide as often as you'd like? Dweeb at the gym getting in the way of your regular regimen of benchpressing, karate and cigarettes? If everything is stressin' you out, man, Uncle Llyodie's got a present for you - the HMN boys are bringing you their sludge-covered two cents on Troma's 1986 B-grade masterpiece The Toxic Avenger! The guys are decked out in their best sissy stuff and are ready for some action in the locker room, join them and get slimed on another episode of Horror Movie Night!

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"It takes a village to actually enjoy..." - Scott

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We are joined this week by Podcast Brother Brian Kelly as we discuss Troma's attempt at an urban giant killer bug movie. The film has the look and feel of a film shot on a weekend but if you love seeing guys acting with an immobile bug puppet than have we got good news for you. We discuss 1997's BUGGED on this week's HORROR MOVIE NIGHT!

Signal boost to every dude in love with his sister from another mister, the 420 Boyz are talking about one of your favorite flicks this week, the grossest Shakespeare(ish) movie ever, 1996's Tromeo and Juliet from the one and only Troma Entertainment. Matt thought he could strike gold twice with this pick, but it falls somewhere between Adam picking a movie about baby-stealing killer trees and Matt picking, well, most anything... If you've seen any Troma, you kind of know what to expect, but that doesn't mean you have to silently accept it. Grab your raisin loaf and maybe some Dramamine for this incesty romp (featuring Lemmy!) on this episode of Horror Movie Night!

If you were wondering whether we're tired of meta horror yet, here's your answer: nope! Matt chose a real banger this week, the alien-frog-with-laser-eyes romp THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE (1992). There are punks, bros, hot ladies, skinny-dipping, a ridiculous monster with even more ridiculous weaknesses, and even a boom mic getaway. This one is a cult classic for a reason, and it's save to say it checks all of the HMN boxes!