Episode 68: Phantasm 2 (1988)


What better way to ignore the inescapable dread of real life than with a horror movie that makes almost no sense?? This week, Scott picked 1988's Phantasm II (another sequel that's arguably better than its predecessor), and promptly spent 30 minutes trying to explain to Matt and Adam why it's awesome. Spoiler alert, they don't agree. Idiots. So grab your quad-shot sawed off and dwarf actors' union application, it's Horror Movie Night!

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Quote of the Episode:

"He's about Italian as fucking Pizza" - Scott

More Sequels Better Than The Original Films

What better way to spend the weekend with your bandmates/b-fries than ruining a condo and being pursued by a guy with the most wildly impractical murder weapon imaginable? This week, the guys break open the junk food and cheap champagne to discuss 1987's tongue-in-cheek slasher Slumber Party Massacre II! It's a toe-tapper, just make sure you're wearing shoes, because that carpet is just filthy... It's Horror Movie Night!

It's a random, humid evening in September, perfect for watching a Christmas horror film about a killer snowman and the dumbasses he terrorizes on a tropical resort island. We're apparently barbecuing, because Adam is back on the sauce and picking 2000's direct-to-the-$2-Walmart-bin crapshoot Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman! Kick back with a piña colada, soak up the sun, and get pummeled with wave after wave of crushing regret for letting your cohost subject you to this pointless, awful dreck. Just don't engage in any mouth play with your ice cubes or your head might explode on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!

Remember the days when you were scared to use the toilet? When you you were certain there was something evil lurking just below the porcelain bowl, waiting....just waiting...to EAT. YOUR. BUTT. Feels like yesterday to the HMN boys (and probably WAS yesterday for at least one of them). Join them this week as they discuss 1988's Ghoulies II! Bring your drunk uncle, your stripper with a heart of gold, and your bigger monster to defeat the smaller monsters, cuz it's another carnival-themed episode of Horror Movie Night!