Episode 8: Monkey Shines (1988)


The guys dive into the bizarre world of Monkey Shines, a movie filled with more quadriplegic sex, adorable monkeys and green brain serum than you can shake a dead bird at. Scott is infuriated that Matt and Adam weren't head over heels for his "favorite George Romero film."

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Quote of the Episode:

"This movie is fucking great. I've watched this movie three times" - Scott


More Films with Weird Sex Scenes

Do you love spirit possessions? How about ninjas? How about V8 sex?? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, or hell, even if you haven't, you're in for a ride with us this week as we discuss the 1984 action/horror/kung fu/aerobics extravaganza NINJA lll: THE DOMINATION! The hairspray and rouge are in full force, as this specific possessed katana imbues its wielder with some serious eyeliner skills. This film has to be seen to be believed, and your boys have got the play by play to keep you jazzercising the black ninja at bay. But beware, we don't USE soda!

This week continues our streak of godawful early 90s sci-fi/horror as we dive brainfirst into a new technology called VIRTUAL REALITY and immediately get to cybering with any warm body nearby. That's right, we're discussing 1992's not-a-Stephen-King-adaption-even-if-the-posters-say-it-is The Lawnmower Man, and we have help from our new buddy, Jesse Cornett! Jesse, or as we like to call him, The Golden Voice, is an established podcaster himself and decided to slumbit with us for 45 minutes as we barely discuss the incomprehensible garbage that constituted a Stephen King adaption in the early 90s. We also discuss Jesse's set-upon wife, who watched this drek with him, and his Kickstarter campaign for an ongoing animated horror anthology show called Chilling Tales For Dark Nights. Come get your mind ripped apart by the Digital Godhead known as Jeff Fahey's hair, and enjoy the soothing tones of Jesse Cornett's Golden Voice on this week's installment of Horror Movie Night!

Signal boost to every dude in love with his sister from another mister, the 420 Boyz are talking about one of your favorite flicks this week, the grossest Shakespeare(ish) movie ever, 1996's Tromeo and Juliet from the one and only Troma Entertainment. Matt thought he could strike gold twice with this pick, but it falls somewhere between Adam picking a movie about baby-stealing killer trees and Matt picking, well, most anything... If you've seen any Troma, you kind of know what to expect, but that doesn't mean you have to silently accept it. Grab your raisin loaf and maybe some Dramamine for this incesty romp (featuring Lemmy!) on this episode of Horror Movie Night!