Episode 81: Body Melt (1993)


Pop your health pills and melt those pounds away because this week we're joined by our good friend Kannon to discuss 1993's Body Melt. We would call this a bad movie but the word movie would imply that there is a plot line to be followed. Body Melt is just a collection of ideas spliced together with the hopes that it makes sense, unfortunately it doesn't. Join us while we suffer through the stages of Body Melt this week.

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"This movie is totally in comprehensive" - Kannon

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What's worse than watching Body Melt and Street Trash for your podcast? One might think "watching another melt movie" is the answer, but it's actually "watching another melt movie twice in one week because you didn't realize it was going to be picked for the podcast and you already watched it after watching Street Trash," which is just what Scott did with this week's pick - 1977's notoriously goofy The Incredible Melting Man! The plot is murkier than all the vanilla pudding used to make the effects in this film, but the guys muddle through as always. Come see the rings of Saturn with us and maybe we'll even catch a glimpse of Uranus while we're at it on another episode of Horror Movie Night!

Thanks to multiple misguided emails about how amazing it is, we were forced to discuss the incredibly tasteless body melt pastel extravaganza Street Trash (1987). Matt and Adam took no heed of Scott’s many warnings and now feel dirtier for having watched this pile of cinematic garbage. The director wanted to make something offensive to everyone and succeeded spectacularly... If you genuinely like this movie, please seek help. We’ll be bathing in Purell and bleach - join us, why don’t you, this week on Horror Movie Night.

Pull up a chair and sit down for a wholesome meal of lukewarm marshmallow fluff with a side of conspicuous consumption, because this week, the HMN boys are devouring 1985's deliciously dumb The Stuff! Between mouthfuls of questionably-sourced goo, the guys get stuck on kids ruining supermarkets, corporate greed, and Michael Moriarty's Southern drawl. Kill all the bad things inside you with another episode of Horror Movie Night!