Episode 88: The Curse 2 - The Bite (1986)


You ever watch a movie where someone's hand is mutating into a crazy snake monster and just think to yourself, "dude shouldn't have jacked it so much..."? No? Well this week you may find yourself thinking just that as we wrap ourselves around the sequel-in-name-only Curse 2: The Bite (1989). Screaming Mad George isn't a guest on this episode, but Matt does his best impression of him and if you close your eyes and dip your hand in a bowl of room-temperature KY, it feels like he's really there! Bring your weird Amish accent and terrible singing voice, we'll be downing all the fly-beers we can stomach on this week's Horror Movie Night!


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Quote of the Episode:

"Either the writing is terrible or the direction is terrible you guys pick" - Scott

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WANT A PODCAST? LOOKIN FOR COMPANY? LIKE CAPS LOCK? HOW ABOUT 1990'S FRANKENHOOKER? This week, the guys get elbow deep in giant crack rocks and purple goo, and discuss Matt's romantic evening plans, Adam's scientific proclivities, and Scott's ongoing obsession with head explosions. Got any money? It's Horror Movie Night!

We start our Violence Against Cats marathon with arguably the most out-there movie Stephen King has ever gotten paid to put his name on (and act in) - 1992's feline vampire flick Sleepwalkers. We subjected our friend, previous guest and film freak Kyle Kuchta to this one, because that's the kind of frat we run here on HMN. Stephen King reprises his role as a drunk New England hick while 30 year old actors play high schoolers, one of which has a disturbingly graphic sexual relationship with his immortal mom, who is also a cat vamp. This one is a yarn ball of crazy and we're just batting it around like we're high AF on catnip. Join us for a purrrrfectly good time this week on Horror Movie Night!

We here at Horror Movie Night love werewolf movies, and talk about our love of werewolf movies often. So of course one of us had to pick the werecicada masterpiece that is 1982's The Beast Within! We are immediately greeted with really gross, really explicit r-stuff, then a lot of talking and pointless exposition, some weird murders off-camera, more exposition, more bad acting (though the cast is giving 110% onscreen), crazy teen-to-bug transformation, more murders, more exposition, oh and then one last bit of r-stuff to top this insane sundae off just right. No one was really happy to watch this one, but at least we could commiserate on how it made us all feel (dirty and confused). So if you want to feel like we did and/or relive what your bodies went through during puberty, strap in for this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!