Episode 94: Return of the Living Dead Part 3 (1993)


We here at Horror Movie Night understand that our listeners are a diverse group, so what's a little innocent neceophilia between friends? In honor of you delightful deviants, we're talking about arguably the sexiest zombie flick ever - or at least from the 90s - Return of the Living Dead III from 1993! This pick harkens back to our recent commentary track for Bride of Re-Animator, as director Brian Yuzna wanted more screen time for the Bride and wrote this as a sort of spiritual successor. Thanks, Mr. Yuzna, we love ya! Hope you're hungry again, because racist stereotypes and DIY body mods are on the menu for this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!

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"This movie is alot better than I remember it being" - Matt

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In our ongoing series "Films That Really Shouldn't Have Had Sequels," we head to the graveyard with a cast of very familiar faces saying very familiar lines which were definitely funnier the first time around. That's right, we're talking Return of the Living Dead Part II from 1988! If you're looking for the charm and entertainment value of the original ROTLD, you won't find it here, only the mouldering corpse of it, stammering out terrible lines in weird souther aw-heck accents for no apparent reason. We're all the worse for having suffered through this one, so share our pain (the pain of being dead!) on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!

Do you like zombie movies? Really? In 2017? Well, OK, but even you will probably be unable to find much of value in this week's pick, the head shakingly odd direct-to-video messtorpiece The Video Dead from 1987. The guys do their best to explain the plot of a relatively plotless film, and ask questions like, "Why don't the zombies actually eat anyone?" and "Are any of these people actors?" Get the dry ice and your grandparents' vacuum tube TV set, because the HMN boys are going to reenact the one good scene from this film on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!

It's week three of October, and time for a heavy sociopolitical discussion that Matt has been dreaming of having since before HMN's inception: 1995's depressingly-still-relevant TALES FROM THE HOOD! This is one of the more difficult films for a show like ours to discuss, so hopefully we navigate the treacherous waters well enough to not sound like total idiots. This is one of the best horror anthologies out there, and still required viewing in 2019 - Clarence Williams III commands you!