Episode 96: Howling 2: Your Sister is a Werewolf (1985)


We joke a lot about coke-fueled 80s cinema, but we may have finally found the ultimate example of what a drug fever dream could lead to - 1985's insane lycanthrope 'n little people extravaganza, Howling 2: Your Sister Is A Werewolf! Between the shots of Christopher Lee smirking in a pair of awkward new wave sunglasses, on-top-of-the-clothes love scenes while the whole town smells sex in the air like creeps, werewolf threesomes, threats of forced werewolf oral and possibly pervy gargoyle staffs, Stiran struts around in as little pleather as humanly possible in what looks like reused heavy metal video shoots. This just scratches the surface of the depths this film sinks to, in the most ridiculous ways possible. We hope you like Devo, because the house band sure seems to on this episode of Horror Movie Night!

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"In my notes I wrote that the song was called Weird Howling" - Brian Burger

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It's time to do your civic duty and cast your ballot for a man who will keep his campaign promises, specifically if those include turning into a blood-thirsty lycanthrope and disemboweling crooked politicians. We dig deep into the vault for the 1973 horror comedy THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON! Your hosts are joined this week by the illustrious Chris LaMartina, the mastermind behind one of our favorite recent flicks, the WNUF Halloween Special, and we get into some polite political discourse between riffing on the weird stuff that occurs in Werewolf of Washington (there's a lot). Scott also gets a little starstruck by Chris's film credits (heyyyy Call Girl of Cthulhu) - do you think the Pentagon is behind this??

Take everything you thought you knew about werewolves, and flip it upside down, because that's how you get to Australia, ya dummy! We're heading for a walkabout in the Outback with quite possibly the strangest lycanthrope movie we've yet seen, 1987's Ozploitation classic Howling lll: The Marsupials! Quick recap, Howling l shows the world that werewolves exist by having Dee Wallace transform on live TV; Howling ll has a lot of oiled up bodies and Cybil Danning looking like she's starring in a Manowar video, and Howling lll throws all that out the window and says, you know what? Werewolves are mystical creatures powered by the spirit of the extinct Tasmanian tiger. It gets weirder from there. Don't believe us? Guess you'll have to listen to the episode, in which Matt and Brian do pretty solid Aussie accents.

The world needs more werewolf movies, and by the world, we mean Horror Movie Night, because god damn, do we love werewolves on this show! We've suffered through some of the best and worst lycanthropic films (looking at you, Howling 6), and decided to treat ourselves to an actual good b-movie for once, 1996's Bad Moon - which, thankfully/surprisingly does NOT feature that stupid ass Creedence song... This movie also stars a very G O O D B O Y E named Thor (the titular character from the source material), so you know we're into it. Tow your jenky trailer to our backyard and tie yourself to the nearest tree, it's time for another episode of Horror Movie Night!