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Jersey Ghouls
Fright School

Welcome to Fright School, a podcast that explores horror films through the eyes of someone who is experiencing them for the first time. Each week, Joshua (the horror nerd) pushes Joe (the unsuspecting newbie) to the edge of the Mountains of Madness, as they discuss the cultural attitudes, conditions, and events that have shaped some of the most terrifying horror films. Will Joe survive his journey? Will Joshua take things too far? Join us every week for new episodes on Monday to find out! Are you ready? Class is in session.

Analog Jones and the Temple of Film Logo

Analog Jones and the Temple of Film

Listen as Matt and Steve set out to find the treasure in the countless mounds of forgotten VHS tapes around flea markets, garage sales, basements and closets. They also do minisodes on movies that aren't on VHS, yuck, stupid Blu Rays/DVD.

Scott & Liam vs Evil

Scott & Liam VS Evil

A podcast where Scott & Liam get drunk & discuss horror movies. Discussions not strict to horror genre...or movies. It all depends how drunk we get.

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Geekscape Logo


A community of writers and readers who love geek culture. We are the source of all knowledge on movies, video games, comics and everything in-between.



Past Guest co-host Kyle Kuchta's documentary about horror conventions.

jennifer help us

Jennifer Help Us

When a trio of mean girls hear rumors of a popular boy, possibly being involved in a rape of a new student, they seek revenge and “truth” by kidnapping and holding her captive in a house at the edge of town. The house, believed to be haunted by locals, has a rich history of violence and horror. That legend, about an abandoned little girl, the disappearance of the little girl’s brother, and suicide of her mother, collides in a perfect demented storm of bloodshed and mayhem.

Survival of the Film Freaks

Survival of Film Freaks

Past Guest Co-Host Kyle Kuchta's upcoming documentary about how Cult Films still survive in a digital age. 

Horror Finds


Kyle Kuchta travels thrift store after thrift store looking for those rare VHS, Paper-bags and records for your enjoyment!