Episode 190: Night of the Comet (1984)


Post-apocalyptic blues got you down? What better way to cheer up than to hang out at the radio station blasting tunes and having a shopping spree at the mall?? Kelli Maroni just can't keep away from those places, and we tagged along with her in NIGHT OF THE COMET and brought the immortal J-Tro (Jason Trost) with us! We talk 80s culture, the dangers of nostalgia, and his upcoming sequel FP2: BEATS OF RAGE. If you haven't turned to piles of Tang already, hang out with us as we awkwardly attempt to repopulate Earth!

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Quote of the Episode:

"The First Act is Oddly Competent" - J-Tro

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Take the Wicked Witch of the West and make her look grotesque. And have there be a ton of different versions of her. Remove all plot and logic, add a sort of sweet battle of the bands, and you have 1986's almost-a-movie NEON MANIACS! We are joined this week by Mike James of 5 Second Films fame (the geniuses behind one of our recent favorites DUDE BRO PARTY MASSACRE III), who has vowed to fight anyone to the death if they dare to criticize the music in this film. We're not going to argue that...ok maybe just a little, so tune in to see who's left standing and who's a pile of watery green jello under the Golden Gate Bridge on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!

We made it through Rocktober and there's only one way to top that - the spiritual successor to Teen Wolf, 1989's charming TEEN WITCH! While not all of the hosts may have had fun watching this one, at least one of them found a wellspring of joy in the magical escapades of the bookworm-turned-babe Louise Miller as she gains the power to turn frogs into sex slaves for Zelda Rubinstein, send date rapists to the Negative Zone, and bum denim jackets off of pop singers. Did we mention the multiple spontaneous dance numbers? Well now you know, so sit back and practice your "school sucks" raps, because it's Halloween on Horror Movie Night!

We may not all agree on wrestling and its entertainment value as an art form on this show, but we sure as hell agree that Netflix's GLOW was damn good television, and have been eagerly waiting for season 2 to drop. In preparation, Scott finally unleashed the most bloodless, tame pick ever on Matt and Brian, featuring some of the actual Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling in starring roles, 1989's Slashdance! While it's not a good film by any measure, and the weakest aerobics killer movie we've ever seen, there is a certain charm to it, and by its actresses' pedigree alone worth talking about. The budget didn't cover live goldfish, so there was likely no coke on hand for the writing, filming or editing of Slashdance, and what's left is a serviceable made-for-tv cop drama cut into 40 minutes of dance rehearsals. Let's get in shape and possibly choke someone with their own lasso while they sing You Are My Sunshine because really, these auditions ain't cuttin it for Horror Movie Night!