Episode 282: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)


New year, same questionable content choices EXCEPT FOR THIS WEEK, as we always put our first movie of the year up to a group vote in our Facebook group, and the group has spoken: "we want more Rick Moranis!"
Ask and you shall receive, as well as some delightful Matt Frewer craziness and tons of sweet practical effects. Get lost in the backyard with us as we ride ants and fight scorpions in 2021!

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Quote of the Episode:

"This has to be good for Horror Movie Night" - Matt

More Listener Voted Films

You voted and we responded. Wrapping up the year that was 2019 we watch a movie released in 1990 that was reflecting on the 60's... CRY-BABY. John Waters released one of his most mainstream films packed with rock-a-billy songs, awkward kissing and Johnny Depp at his Johnny Dreamiest. Join us on the film episode of HORROR MOVIE NIGHT (where we don't talk about a Horror Movie).

Welcome to the new year, dudes! We're, like, totally stoked to be here in 2019 with our flannel shirts and acid-washed jeans, backwards hats and smoked-out brains, and we're going to play you a bunch of air guitar to celebrate! You voted to give rock and roll to us, in the form of BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY (though Bill & Ted Go To Hell would've been a much better and more straightforward title). Matt is painfully excited about this one, while Scott is just in pain, and Brian is... well, Brian the peacemaker. Ring in another trip round the sun with your boys in HMN, starting with Alex Winter in disturbing full granny makeup!

As is tradition here at Horror Movie Night, we're kicking off the new year with a listener poll-chosen, somewhat-non-horror flick, and this time around, we're talking live-action anime rubber suit monster battles with 1991's The Guyver! Don't let the VHS box art fool you - Mark Hamill is NOT the titular character, or even on screen enough to warrant his face on the cover, but this was released at the cusp of the 90s, a time when everyone was trying to squeeze every last drop out of the withering Star Wars franchise. It's actually a selling point that Mark takes backseat to Screaming Mad George's rubber suit/practical effects obsession, and we get 6" kaiju duking it out with no energy weapons in sight (probably not enough budget for post work, oh well). It's 2018, let's get S U P E R K A W A I I together on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!