Episode 113: Scarecrows (1988)


In case you haven't checked the calendar in a couple days, IT'S FREAKIN OCTOBER Y'ALL. Time to bust out the flannel, carve a pumpkin, put on a scary movie, steal a couple mil and get eviscerated by scarecrows! You guessed it, we're kicking off the month of Halloween with 1988's uneven but ultimately entertaining SCARECROWS. Scott has been chomping at the bit to pick this one since the summer, and Matt almost picked it as well, so Adam had no choice but to slog through it for the sporadic but awesome gore. It's a head-scratcher of a flick, but we make the most of it, so tune in on your CB while flying in a totally believable airplane because you know what, it's Horror Movie Night!

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Quote of the Episode:

"I knew you wouldn't like this Adam because it has the same pacing as Pumpkinhead" - Matt

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Holy s-word, y'all - we've officially hit 200 episodes! In celebration (and to finally relieve Brian of his Six Degrees of Michael Keaton duties, we're cracking open our Handbook for the Recently Deceased and calling upon the ghost with the most, the one and only BEETLEJUICE (1988)!

If there's one thing we love on this show, it's John Waters and killer clowns. Wait, that's 2 things. I guess you could say we hate math here too. In any case, we are tackling the fantastic and tragically forgotten OUT OF THE DARK (1989), which prominently features a clown-masked phone sex pervert, Divine's last film before passing away, and a totally unrealistic photo-shoot replete with fog machine and seizure-inducing freeze frames. It's even better than it sounds, and we want to...shed some light on the darkness surrounding this piece of cinema. Save up your quarters and grab some tissues, this week we're dialing 1-800-HMN-BOIS

Which show has the charming gay? HMN, HMN, hey hey hey! That's right, we're back with another Listener Submitted Month movie, and are joined by the lovely Joshua from our friends at Fright School. Together, we talk about pom-poms, spanx and sex pests in the obscure slasher CHEERLEADER CAMP (1988). Is it good? Maybe? Is it bad? Sorta, but we all agreed that it was entertaining in its way. We hope your routine is memorized, sister!