Episode 198: Out of the Dark (1988)


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"It's not the best slasher, but it's the best unknown slasher I've ever seen" - Brian

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Ah, Valentine's Day... The day you wait all year for to show your significant other you give a shit about them. Forget the other 364 days, you only have to do something nice this one time and then you can go back to be a slob for another year. Or you could kill your sweetheart's childhood crush, go to med school and become a doctor, then stalk her again as an adult with the intent of removing her heart for some odd reason. At least that's the killer's plan in the mediocre 1981 Barbi Benton vehicle X-Ray (aka Hospital Massacre). We're not sure of the details, but we think Barbi Benton wanted to try her hand at acting after her stint as a Playboy Bunny and girlfriend to Hugh Hefner (before he transformed into the Crypt Keeper), and Cannon Films was more than happy to oblige her. The ironic part is that Barbi is fully-clothed through the vast majority of this snoozefest, and spends her screen time scowling at literally everyone. Who did the wheezing killer better, X-Ray or Student Bodies? Find out this week on Horror Movie Night!

Everyone knows that the death penalty is far more expensive and arguably more inhumane than life imprisonment, even if their murder-boners try to say otherwise. For-profit prisons are an abomination, and your hosts are here to show you what happens in them with a documentary film from 1988 called DESTROYER! In this totally-real-not-fantasy film, a convicted murderer doesn't die by electric chair, but just gets really swole and sweaty. He also really likes eating human hair, so take that as you will. We've talked Shocker and The Horror Show, it's time for the third installment of our electricity killer series, let's get buzzed!

You thought last week was our April Fools episode? SURPRISE! It's actually this week's (also Canadian) April Fools Evil Dead ripoff Killer Party from 1986. We got you good, right? Now listen to us quote this amazing and sadly forgotten 80s gem, and gush over how awesome the double fakeout opening scene featuring K-Mart Journey cover band White Sister is. Oh, there's also a haunted frat house, hazing, perms, off-brand Deadites and of course, a killer party. This is a film that must be seen to be truly appreciated, and it's our mission to spread the word about it henceforth. Plan out your best prank and grab the Aqua Net, it's time for another episode of Horror Movie Night!