Episode 2: Waxwork (1988)


Velcum to Da Vaxvoooooorrrrrkk!!!!!!

In this episode of Horror Movie Night, Scott desperately pours water out of the boat while everyone pokes holes in it, Adam reads six hours of useless notes, and Matt remembers a third of the movie. Thrills, chills and tangents abound - would you like a closer look?

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Quote of the Episode:

"I love Sassy Werewolves. I think Sassy Werewolves are my favorite troupe" - Scott

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Nyahnyahnyahnyah nyah nyah,nyahnyahnyahnyah nyah nyah, nyahnyah nyah nyahnyahnyahnyahnyah nyahhhhhh! It's episode 150 of Horror Movie Night and we decided to treat ourselves after midnight with a little film we like to call GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH from 1990! We also were finally able to bring our Podfather Jonathon London, creator of Geekscape, along for the ride, and this was way better than our original request to do CHUD with him 3 years ago... We have a blast revisiting this beloved gem and questioning some of the movie logic on display, but does it really matter because VEGETABLE GREMLIN! Thanks for sticking with us and helping keep us crazy enough to watch 150 horror films and discuss them weekly over the last 3 years of the show. Here's to 150 more (and Gremlins 3, written by, directed by and starring Pizzaboy Jon London)!

In March, Matt and Scott teamed up with Stephen of Analog Jones to record some live episodes, and this week showcases the first of the "threevening" discussions, the inimitable Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth from 1992! It's got the coolest goth club the early 90s had to offer, Puzzle Box architecture and the worst (best?) Cenobite ever, CD Cenobite. It also features arguably the best Pinhead portrayal and soliloquies. Relive the weirdness of the lesser Hellraiser sequels this week on Horror Movie Night - live!

Velcum back to zee Vaxverk! Get rebirthed and listen to the guys discuss the insanity of Waxwork II: Lost in Time, replete with Bruce Campbell's torso, the entire film's budget blown on the Alien scenes, My Cousin Vinny's Reanimated Hand, and the infamous Waxwork rap. Time Warriors unite, it's Horror Movie Night!