Episode 30: Waxwork II - Lost In Time (1992)


Velcum back to zee Vaxverk! Get rebirthed and listen to the guys discuss the insanity of Waxwork II: Lost in Time, replete with Bruce Campbell's torso, the entire film's budget blown on the Alien scenes, My Cousin Vinny's Reanimated Hand, and the infamous Waxwork rap. Time Warriors unite, it's Horror Movie Night!

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"She believes him until Mark is like 'Yo I'm Mark' and then she's like 'oh yea I'm Sarah'" - Matt

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This week's episode reveals a dark truth of this world, that there are 2 types of people on Earth: those that like 1980's Forbidden Zone, and those that have taste. Matt picked this one, so that basically answers that question (if there was any doubt), and surprisingly, Scott is the most verbally abusive person on the show for once, while Adam is uncharacteristically ambivalent. This is the power of Danny "Satan-guy" Elfman. Bring your blackface and incessant need to hump strangers, it's Horror Movie Night!

There are so few New Years horror movies that you really only have a handful of options, so this year we went with the one that arguably had the best cover art, 1987's bizarre Bloody New Year! If you ever wondered what a full length Twilight Zone movie with the budget of a single episode and a disco ball full of high-grade coke would look like, then look no further. This film has a science experiment gone awry, 50s time warp (replete with sexy stockings...what? Don't look at me like that) and more loose ends than an old rug. So basically, perfect fodder for our show. Get your seams straight and join the part for the last Horror Movie Night episode of 2017!

Detention (2011) is a pretty simple plot to follow, it's just your typical meta-horror/comedy about time traveling teens battling a serial killer dressed as their favorite movie character. Along the way is some mutations, body switching and magnetic bear mascot. Confused yet? Well then join the rest of us. Adam's brain has straight up shattered leaving Matt and Scott to pick up the slack and figure out what the fuck we watched this week on Horror Movie Night!