Episode 204: Hellraiser IV - Bloodline (1996)


In space.... no one can help you solve a demonic Rubik's Cube. That's why you build a robot that will eventually get exploded (to it's hilarious surprise)! We're talking Cenobites in space this week with HELLRAISER: BLOODLINE (1996), and there are a lot fewer corsets in the Age of Enlightenment flashbacks than Scott remembered. We console ourselves though with some demo-dogs and the less-well-known Twisted Twins, which are actually pretty progressive for a couple mid-90s security guards - good for you, Twin Cenobites! Strap in for one hell of an afterburner with your favorite masters of pain on another episode of Horror Movie Night!

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Quote of the Episode:

"Matt and I were talking about how there's no good horror movies in space and Scott said 'wait until Hellraiser: Bloodline... which doesn't count because I forgot this movie took place in space 7 times while watching it." - Brian

More Films In Space

We're heading back to the killer doll well to talk alien demons, robot laser tag and the diminishing returns of Full Moon franchises with PUPPET MASTER 4! We are joined by our buddy Vincent DeSanti of Womp Stomp Films (director and Jason in the fantastic NEVER HIKE ALONE), who drunkenly agreed to tackle this pick with us at Pop Rock N Horror con earlier this summer. He may have the silkiest voice you've ever heard on our show, so bring a towel, he gon make u sweat.

We talk a lot about the diminishing returns of horror sequels, but the Leprechaun series is easily one of the worst offenders. Exhibit A: 1996's abysmal LEPRECHAUN4: IN SPACE. It's not even fun bad, it's just...low effort and cheap. I mean, the writers didn't even take the time to make Warwick Davis's lines rhyme! But never fear, your trusty tour guides through the shadowy world of questionable horror will take you by the hand and at least bring a bit of good out of this flaming dumpster fire of a flick. That's the Kelly luck o the Irish for ye this St. Paddy's!

If the creeping dread of another Cold War hasn't quite hit you yet, the HMN boys will get you there with 1983's low budget, killer-alien-in-a-meteorite The Deadly Spawn! This homage (well, more pastiche, really) to the alien monster heyday of the 1950s spent all of its money on creature effects (which are awesome, despite what Adam may think) and then hired people off the street to get eaten by weird hungry tadpoles. Don't go in your swampy, disgusting basement, cuz it's Horror Movie Night, comrade!