Episode 230: Return of the Swamp Thing (1989)


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"Best film I watch in 2020 for this podcast. Calling it now in December 2019" - Brian

More Comic Book Horror

As everyone knows, beautiful female artists want nothing more than to rekindle the EC Comics art style and draw panel after panel of women in skimpy clothes and painfully obvious cold rooms terrorized by demonic hordes.... Right? Don't tell us that CELLAR DWELLER (1988) lied to us! Don't blink or you'll miss our boy Jeffy Combs doing his best Patrick Bateman impression in the first 5 minutes of the movie, but if you do, you can kind of fast-forward all the pointless character development in the middle and just get to the good stuff - a doe-eyed rubber suit monster wrecking all these art school weirdos' days and munching on their body parts. There's also a sweet decapitation, so you know your HMN boys are having fun on this week's episode.

It's the most wonderful(ly brazen capitalist) time of the year, and the HMN crew brought you something really special in their big red sack - Tim Burton's possibly best film and Brian's easiest Beetlejuice Connection ever, 1992's BATMAN RETURNS! If you don't like us doing our best Penguin and Catwoman impressions, keep scrolling, but if that's your thing, then strap in and get a cold shower ready, because Scott's Selina Kyle is oddly erotic. Tis the season for a Batman murder spree and we're the ones filing the police report this week on Horror Movie Night!

We hope you're hungry, because this week we're chewing scene after scene with Billy Zane in 1995's horror comedy (?) Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight! Adam picked this one on a friend's suggestion, and now has one less friend; Matt and Scott do their best William Sadler impressions, and more disturbing light is shed on Scott's morning habits. Grab your flask of Jesus blood, it's time for another Horror Movie (Demon) Night!