Episode 275: Motel Hell (1980)


We try to keep it topical here on HMN, so this Thanksgiving we're going to really just beat you over the head with Scott's lifestyle choices as we discuss the phenomenal cult classic MOTEL HELL (1980). We discussed this way back in the first iteration of the podcast, but watching the fresh Blu-ray remaster really elevates everything beyond 80s nostalgia and splatter. As we all know, meat's meat and man's gotta eat, so dig in and happy Thanksgiving!

Film Trailer

Quote of the Episode:

"It's a well shot movie for what it is" - Matt

More 80's Cult Classics

Holy shit, we're finally talking CHUD (1984) with the Podfather himself, Jonathan London of Geekscape fame! After years of begging, groveling and guilt tripping, Jon has decided to discuss this delightfully silly cult classic. Brian is especially happy about this, because he doesn't have to talk at all when Jon's around. He's about as elusive as the plot of this movie, see if you can follow him!

Listener Submitted Month wraps up with one of Matt's favorite movies. We couldn't have a listener submitted month without the unofficial 4th host Kyle Kuchta. Matt saw this at a drive in and thinks that makes him special. We dive into Dean Koontz's novelization, this extremely slow burn film and how amazing the last 15 minutes of this movie is.

Somewhere, someone greenlit a movie about an alien that shoots lasers at people at all hours of the day, but for some reason gave it the name NIGHTBEAST (1982). It is neither an actual beast, nor does it only attack at night, plus there's a random subplot of a murderous biker (on top of the scientist cardboard cutouts trying to stop the titular creature). This movie is a mess, so you get one guess as to which of your hosts chose it...