Episode 278: Dead Heat (1988)


This week, we're talking about zombie cops who shoot a lot of guns and get into car chases... But the more surprising part is that this was a Scott pick - the guy known to complain about all of these tropes any chance he can get! DEAD HEAT (1988) is one of those movies that sounds ridiculous on paper and is legitimately ridiculous on film, but somehow manages to be a total blast to watch. Plus it's got Vincent Price! What's not to love?

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Quote of the Episode:

"This makes me nostalgic for a viewing experience I didn't actually have" - Matt


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You ever get roped into watching a movie you think you're going to hate by that friend who always makes you watch questionable content? This week's movie is just like that, except the film in question is actually pretty damn good! We're talking 1987's MY BEST FRIEND IS A VAMPIRE, and it took all of 2 minutes of runtime to charm at least one of Matt's cohosts with a wet dream ripped right from his adolescence. This one deserves some more eyes on, so crack open a Bloodweiser and wear your sunglasses at night because it's... well, you know what it is...

Amok amok amok! It's finally the best day of the year (Halloween, ya goobers) and we're continuing the HMN tradition of discussing a kid-friendly movie for the holiday with the one and only HOCUS POCUS (1993). One of your hosts is a wet blanket, but the fire of enthusiasm burns white hot in the other 2, which is more than enough to keep the Black Flame Candle alight until sunrise. Compliment our yabbos while you're at it, why dontcha?

Why, listeners... why do you torment us with these garbage movies? I guess it's partially our fault for choosing this from the submissions, but we're not very good at taking responsibility for our lives and so we're going to heap the blame on you as we talk about the painfully boring MY MOM'S A WEREWOLF (1989), starring a toe-sucking, hairy-backed John Saxon! We're joined this week by 91 Donkey Lane cohost and comedian Robert Bacon, who for some reason decided not to bring an enchanted bauble to alleviate the pain of watching this movie, but at least he's funny (and doesn't look like an incel, we promise). If most werewolf movies are puberty analogies, this must be a menopause analogy, but that part of the script may have been lost.