Episode 45: Forbidden Zone (1980)


This week's episode reveals a dark truth of this world, that there are 2 types of people on Earth: those that like 1980's Forbidden Zone, and those that have taste. Matt picked this one, so that basically answers that question (if there was any doubt), and surprisingly, Scott is the most verbally abusive person on the show for once, while Adam is uncharacteristically ambivalent. This is the power of Danny "Satan-guy" Elfman. Bring your blackface and incessant need to hump strangers, it's Horror Movie Night!

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Quote of the Episode:

"I hate this movie and I hate you for picking this" - Scott

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Holy s-word, y'all - we've officially hit 200 episodes! In celebration (and to finally relieve Brian of his Six Degrees of Michael Keaton duties, we're cracking open our Handbook for the Recently Deceased and calling upon the ghost with the most, the one and only BEETLEJUICE (1988)!

It's the most wonderful(ly brazen capitalist) time of the year, and the HMN crew brought you something really special in their big red sack - Tim Burton's possibly best film and Brian's easiest Beetlejuice Connection ever, 1992's BATMAN RETURNS! If you don't like us doing our best Penguin and Catwoman impressions, keep scrolling, but if that's your thing, then strap in and get a cold shower ready, because Scott's Selina Kyle is oddly erotic. Tis the season for a Batman murder spree and we're the ones filing the police report this week on Horror Movie Night!

It's been far too long since the 420 Boyz discussed ghost sex, so they went ahead and dove soul-first into 1996's supremely entertaining Peter Jackson outing The Frighteners! When your film stars the Re-Animator, Marty McFly, Gomez Addams, ET's mom and Jake Busey's teeth, and is the reason the LOTR movies get made, you know it's going to be a good time. We promise not to carve 69 into your forehead as long as you join us for another episode of Horror Movie Night!