Episode 37: Blood Diner (1987)


What would you do if a brain in a jar was calling the shots? You'd open a vegetarian cafe that actually serves the ground-up flesh of your victims. This week, the guys wade through various limbs and bodily fluids in search of something worthwhile in 1987's Blood Diner. This Troma reject gets the deluxe treatment, and then the guys go their separate ways to shower in bleach. Don't order the pea soup, it's Horror Movie Night!

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"It's a Blood Boofa" - Scott

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Have you ever been fever-dreamed that one of the most beloved horror films of all time got a sequel that was so head-scratchingly bad, the writer/director even apologized for it? Well, we're here to tell you that was no fever-dream, it was Tobe Hooper's insane 1986 bucket of guts and bullshit, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II! The guys choke down this long-awaited discussion, and try their best to not think too hard on Leatherface's chainsaw hip thrusts. The saw is family on Horror Movie Night!

Pull up a chair and sit down for a wholesome meal of lukewarm marshmallow fluff with a side of conspicuous consumption, because this week, the HMN boys are devouring 1985's deliciously dumb The Stuff! Between mouthfuls of questionably-sourced goo, the guys get stuck on kids ruining supermarkets, corporate greed, and Michael Moriarty's Southern drawl. Kill all the bad things inside you with another episode of Horror Movie Night!

Your hosts on Horror Movie Night normally review charming trash cinema....but not this week. No, this week, Matt subjected his cohosts to some serious punishment. You may even call him sick for choosing this one: 2003's straight-to-video dog turd S.I.C.K. (Serial Insane Clown Killer), aka The Room of slasher flicks. Tone deaf performances, non-existent budget (and eyebrows), bad plot, worse twist, but in the end, this MAY be a bit of a party movie, as long as there is heavy drinking involved. Note: this show does not condone overindulgence in controlled substances, but they may be helpful when consuming S.I.C.K. Get ready for slowed-down nursery rhymes, they'll be the last thing you hear before a fat bastard joyfully knocks your block off here on Horror Movie Night!