Episode 47: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1987)


Have you ever been fever-dreamed that one of the most beloved horror films of all time got a sequel that was so head-scratchingly bad, the writer/director even apologized for it? Well, we're here to tell you that was no fever-dream, it was Tobe Hooper's insane 1986 bucket of guts and bullshit, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II! The guys choke down this long-awaited discussion, and try their best to not think too hard on Leatherface's chainsaw hip thrusts. The saw is family on Horror Movie Night!

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"Hey, That's a pretty creepy thing to do you fucking weirdo" - Adam

More Insane Sequels to Classic Films

Hop in your fliptop, grab your best girl and pin her up on Lovers' Lane, because this week, the guys are going steady with 1987's Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II! Matt is the square Mary Lou is dating, Adam is the one she's hooking up with backstage at the prom, and Scott is somewhere writing songs about it all. This barely-related sequel to the Jamie Lee Curtis vehicle original has religious parents, teen pregnancy, daddy-daughter tenderness and one of the podcast's favorite topics: ghost sex. Your tux better be pressed and the corsage cooling in the fridge, because it's Horror Movie Prom Night...2!

What better way to ignore the inescapable dread of real life than with a horror movie that makes almost no sense?? This week, Scott picked 1988's Phantasm II (another sequel that's arguably better than its predecessor), and promptly spent 30 minutes trying to explain to Matt and Adam why it's awesome. Spoiler alert, they don't agree. Idiots. So grab your quad-shot sawed off and dwarf actors' union application, it's Horror Movie Night!

Release the person faced hounds and pull your Probe board game out of your closet because this week the trio is talking about one of the most infamously homoerotic horror films of all time... "Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge". We break down the subtler moments of S&M bar crashing, Mark Patton's dreamy eyes and the true story of the man inside. Join us won't you for Horror Movie Night!