Episode 44: Munchies (1987)


Hey Millenials! You like Gremlins, right?? Of course you do! Critters? Well, duh! How about the K-Mart spawn of both franchises thrown in a blender with some funky 8-tracks, the Pee-Wee's Playhouse DVD set, and an economy-sized bottle of Viagra? Take a sip of that, it probably tastes like 1987's Munchies! The guys tear this one apart, which inevitably lead to a number of (thankfully) less sexually-charge, more kid-friendly sequels. Hope you're hungry, cuz it's Horror Movie Night!

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"I did tear this movie limb from limb but it regenerated and somehow two more movies formed from it" - Adam

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Remember the days when you were scared to use the toilet? When you you were certain there was something evil lurking just below the porcelain bowl, waiting....just waiting...to EAT. YOUR. BUTT. Feels like yesterday to the HMN boys (and probably WAS yesterday for at least one of them). Join them this week as they discuss 1988's Ghoulies II! Bring your drunk uncle, your stripper with a heart of gold, and your bigger monster to defeat the smaller monsters, cuz it's another carnival-themed episode of Horror Movie Night!

We here at Horror Movie Night believe in the sanctity of religion, so on this extra special Easter episode, we want to discuss the holy cycle of death and rebirth by watching a guy in a bunny suit get eaten crotch-first by monster hedgehogs and then crash through a church's stained glass window as parishioners in their Easter best scream in terror. That's right, we're talking about Critters 2 from 1988! What better way to celebrate the end of Lenten fasting than by gorging yourself on humans and the occasional frozen hamburger pile as you and your bros combine to form a gigantic ball of fuzzy murder teeth? Maybe the topless shapeshifting bounty hunter that looks like a Playoy model and has a very phallic-looking laser gun (if you're into that sort of thing). Rejoice, as Crites have risen on this holy day, or (Horror Movie) night, I guess?

Little people getting work is very important to your hosts here on HMN, and this week, we celebrate their exploitation, er, triumphs with a magical discussion of the Charles Band classic TROLL from 1986! This oddly star-studded cast battles the forces of evil in the most charmingly childlike way and it's fantastic, so we spent the episode praising the Band family more or less. There's also a puppet singalong. Seriously. It's pretty awesome. Come hang out with our talking mushroom (no, not that one) on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!