Episode 48: Willard (2003)


If you're a regular listener to the show, it's likely you have spent at least one quiet evening at home surrounded by hordes of feral rats. This week is your week, as the guys get torn up by 2003's Willard! Things get Crispin Glover-level weird and everyone thinks of ways to take the air out of their jerk boss's sports car tires- bring some snacks and don't worry about dropping any crumbs (the rat-bros will handle cleanup), it's Horror Movie Night!

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Quote of the Episode:

"The original is fucking hard to find" - Matt

More Killer Animal Films

Continuing last week's spectacle of cat abuse, we're setting sail for parts unknown with a killer mutant tabby and there's nothing to eat except champagne and cereal... and rat poison. You might have guessed it, we're talking 1988's Uninvited and man, what a ride. We are joined again by our resident Film Freak, horror handyman Kyle Kuchta, as we wax poetic about animal shelters, Clu Gulager's fake teeth, how much cats hate wine, and why you should never pick up strays. How much would YOU debase yourself for a suitcase full of dirty money? This is the question that burns within our psyches daily, but can finally elaborate upon with each other, this week on Horror Movie Night!

In Matt's continuing efforts to make his friends watch questionable giant killer animal movies, he has chosen THE LAST SHARK from 1981 to punish Brian and Scott with this week, and hoo boy. This film was such a blatant JAWS ripoff, that it was pulled from US theaters, which would've inadvertently saved dozens of people from wasting their time and money on watching it in 1981. But thanks to the digital age, here we are, wasting time and money watching and discussing a movie where a rubber shark drags an entire helicopter into the ocean. Summer's almost over, and so is your chance to get that beach bod toned up by a few chomps from a Great White!

Travel back in time with us, dear listener, as we return to the glory of the early 90s, when bowl haircuts were cool, acid wash was a new technology, and Edward Furlong's career was blossoming. You may be disappointed to hear that, no, we're not discussing Terminator 2, but rather the sequel no one wanted, 1992's Pet Sematary 2! Our resident Irishman picks the only horror movie to ever prominently feature death by potatoes, so some jokes really just write themselves. Come with us as we venture up to the old Indian burial grounds with the corpse of Stephen King's pride on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!