Episode 54: The Guardian (1990)


Sometimes there are directors who truly can do no wrong. Their careers are chock full of great films executed flawlessly... The director of The Exorcist is not one of those people, as evidenced by Adam's pick this week: 1990's baby-stealing opus The Guardian! The guys have a lot of criticism for the 90 minutes of film on either side of the biker gang deaths at the spooky tree, as they're all too jaded to be swayed by baby-crazy naked witches. Come bathe in front of your shirtless employer on a new episode of Horror Movie Night!

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"I just finished it ... it was fucking trash" - Adam

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What's better than Christmas in July? A Brian Yuzna Christmas in July! At Scott's longtime insistence, the boys finally tackle 1990's barely-xmas-horror goop-fest Silent Night Deadly Night 4: Initiation. It's got everything you expect from a Yuzna flick - racial caricatures, bugs, nightmare logic, and of course the requisite swimming pool full of KY. Hey, it's even got our boy Clint Howard in it! There is absolutely no reason to sleep on this one, except for the fact that it's only available as a multipack DVD with SNDN3 (brain under a glass helmet Santa killer) and SNDN5 (rapey Pinocchio), so maybe go searching on Vimeo for it like we did. Don't forget to put out some milk and cookies for the giant cockroach!

Nyahnyahnyahnyah nyah nyah,nyahnyahnyahnyah nyah nyah, nyahnyah nyah nyahnyahnyahnyahnyah nyahhhhhh! It's episode 150 of Horror Movie Night and we decided to treat ourselves after midnight with a little film we like to call GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH from 1990! We also were finally able to bring our Podfather Jonathon London, creator of Geekscape, along for the ride, and this was way better than our original request to do CHUD with him 3 years ago... We have a blast revisiting this beloved gem and questioning some of the movie logic on display, but does it really matter because VEGETABLE GREMLIN! Thanks for sticking with us and helping keep us crazy enough to watch 150 horror films and discuss them weekly over the last 3 years of the show. Here's to 150 more (and Gremlins 3, written by, directed by and starring Pizzaboy Jon London)!

The infamous LOST EPISODE is getting a second chance at life, and using it to spit oatmeal all over our blouses. That's right, we punished ourselves a second time with the ridiculous Evil Dead ripoff Demon Wind from 1990! Not since Marky Mark ran from a stiff breeze has nature been this stupefying (never mind that Demon Wind predates it by a couple decades, let us have our jokes). We are all dumber for having re-watched and re-discussed this one, but we do it for you, the listeners. Because we love you. There's also a heavy dose of self-loathing up in here, so don't mind the smell. SURPRISE!!!! It's Horror Movie Night!