Episode 6: Piranha 3D (2010)


Come down to lake Havasu and crack a brew with us because this week we're talking Piranha 3D. Wet Shirts, Trip McNeely's penis, Eli Roth getting his face smashed in by a boat and Richard Dreyfuss reprising his role of Matt Hooper are just SOME of the reasons to love this bat-shit movie from 2010. Adam regrets picking this movie while Matt and Scott geek out over everything from Christopher Lloyd's over acting and how hot Elizabeth Shue (and Ving Rhames) still is.

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Quote of the Episode:

"You can see they're having a hell of a time" - Adam

More Aquatic Horror Films

In Matt's continuing efforts to make his friends watch questionable giant killer animal movies, he has chosen THE LAST SHARK from 1981 to punish Brian and Scott with this week, and hoo boy. This film was such a blatant JAWS ripoff, that it was pulled from US theaters, which would've inadvertently saved dozens of people from wasting their time and money on watching it in 1981. But thanks to the digital age, here we are, wasting time and money watching and discussing a movie where a rubber shark drags an entire helicopter into the ocean. Summer's almost over, and so is your chance to get that beach bod toned up by a few chomps from a Great White!

Rounding out Listener Submitted Month, we head to the bottom of the ocean to shoot some hoops and get sexually harassed by Daniel Stern with 1989's LEVIATHAN! Robocop meets The Thing in the Abyss is all you need to know, but creature features with practical effects and some gnarly body horror are like abeetz (Brian's pronunciation of pizza) - even when it's bad, it's still good. There are a slew of bad decisions onscreen and off, particularly in the last 2min of the film, but discussing this one bright and early at Monster-Mania while Brian lounged seductively in bed was certainly a highlight of the weekend. Say AH, mother-effers!

Let's travel back to the gilded age of big hair, clock radio bombs and world-class pillow talk... no, not the 1980s, just the time we talked about 1980s killer pet flick ALLIGATOR! We've referenced this discussion enough that it finally warrants its own retroactive episode. Matt's love of this movie (and fear of dressing up as a pirate to pool parties) is infectious and his lines are smooth. Give it up on your childhood bed for this retroactive episode of Horror Movie Night!