Episode 77: The Deadly Spawn (1983)


If the creeping dread of another Cold War hasn't quite hit you yet, the HMN boys will get you there with 1983's low budget, killer-alien-in-a-meteorite The Deadly Spawn! This homage (well, more pastiche, really) to the alien monster heyday of the 1950s spent all of its money on creature effects (which are awesome, despite what Adam may think) and then hired people off the street to get eaten by weird hungry tadpoles. Don't go in your swampy, disgusting basement, cuz it's Horror Movie Night, comrade!

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"This cover is Great" - Matt

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We haven't tackled any sex-crazed aliens in a while (ahem, Lifeforce) and thought it was high time we make it weird around here with the very uncomfortable and trippy 1982 British alien/monster movie XTRO. As you well know, every child in a horror movie is an insufferable brat who will get at least 1 person killed, but what you might NOT know is that the bratty kid here also trips balls on alien hickey goo (thanks Dad), sees murderous midget clowns, and sends full-size army men to kill his downstairs neighbor. There's a lot more to unpack here, and we do our best to wash off the dirtiness we each felt after viewing. If you're coming over, don't forget the snake eggs, they're our favorite!

It's Friday night, you're a high school football star, and you have a hot date with the pretty-but-takes-no-shit head cheerleader - what do you do?? Probably get eaten within the first 15 minutes by a mutated bacteria that was shot into space and has now crash-landed and gruesomely begun dissolving your friends one by one, that's what... If you haven't guessed, this week's film is none other than the fantastic 1988 remake of The Blob! For once, your hosts are in agreement that this movie rules, and spend most of the episode excitedly fawning over the gross ways the blob digests half the town. If you have the stomach for it, meet us at the local diner, but beware the clogged kitchen sink (that's totally not up to code and we hope they have an inspector come write them up once the blob-crystal cleanup is done but what if the inspector got killed in all of the commotion and now health violations will run rampant?) this week on Horror Movie Night!

Don’t put your clothes back on yet, you have 7 more minutes of screen time in Tobe Hooper’s expensive flop Life Force! Adam and Scott lose their minds to the space vampires, while Matt pushes up his glasses and focuses on the facts. The robot from Rocky also makes an appearance, because why not? It’s Horror Movie Night!