Episode 86: Rawhead Rex (1986)


This St. Paddy's, we're taking a trip to the Emerald Isle to do battle with a pagan wrestling god in the form of a walking dick joke in Clive Barker's second attempt at not getting screwed by a studio - 1986's RAWHEAD REX! The plot is incoherent, the acting abysmal, and the rubber suited monster incredibly ineffectual, but that's all right, because we have a screaming, insane priest chewing every goddamn scene and we're going to take full advantage of the situation. Get ready for your 98 degree baptism, because we drank all the communal wine on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!

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"It's one of the only adaptations of a Clive Barker story that he's disowned" - Matt

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Listeners, welcome to a new world - one where exposure to too many horror podcasts leads to a skinny little wiener popping out of your foreheads and everyone getting drenched in authentic KY Jelly(tm). There's also some odd sexual side effects, but hey, you're getting some, so don't complain. This week's pick is the delightfully gooey and weird From Beyond (1986), starring Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, and Bubba the Ex-Football Player. If this intro doesn't get you primed for action, then we don't know what will... Hope you don't mind some light bondage, and oh, the safe word is Horror Movie Night!

Holy tomato, we're heading back to the days of paper classified ads, genuine interest in music videos, and the seductive lure of satellite television! That's right, we're going intergalactic and eating everything with 1986's TerrorVision. The French exchange student from Better Off Dead, the Wolfman from Monster Squad, and Beef from Phantom of the Paradise do their best to avoid becoming space monster poop, and the HMN guys do their best to find something, anything critical to say about this charming 80s time capsule. Now, mother's going to make you take your pill so we can all enjoy Horror Movie Night!

Little people getting work is very important to your hosts here on HMN, and this week, we celebrate their exploitation, er, triumphs with a magical discussion of the Charles Band classic TROLL from 1986! This oddly star-studded cast battles the forces of evil in the most charmingly childlike way and it's fantastic, so we spent the episode praising the Band family more or less. There's also a puppet singalong. Seriously. It's pretty awesome. Come hang out with our talking mushroom (no, not that one) on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!