Episode 121: Puppet Master II (1987)


It's truly amazing that, for how much we bring up Chuckie Band and the Puppet Master series, we have never done an actual HMN episode on any of them... But that changes today. Today, we give up our brain matter to the godking Toulon. Today, we let Pinhead's little hands squeeze the life from our throats. Today, we discuss Puppet Master II: His Unholy Creations from 1990! There are improbable puppet murders left and right, as well as some pretty satisfying child bbq if we're being honest with ourselves. Whistle the Puppet Master theme song with us as we bask in the glory on this week's episode of Horror Movie Night!

Film Trailer

Film Details

Puppet Master II
Directed by Dave Allen
Produced by Charles Band
Written by David Pabian
Starring Elizabeth Maclellan
Collin Bernsen
Gregory Webb
Charlie Spradling
Steve Welles
Jeff Weston
Ivan R. Jado
Sage Allen
George "Buck" Flower
and Nita Talbot
Music by Richard Band
Cinematography Thomas F. Denove
Edited by Bert Glatstein
Peter Teschner
Distributed by Full Moon Entertainment
Paramount Pictures
Release date

February 7, 1990

Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $780,000