Episode 204: Hellraiser IV - Bloodline (1996)


In space.... no one can help you solve a demonic Rubik's Cube. That's why you build a robot that will eventually get exploded (to it's hilarious surprise)! We're talking Cenobites in space this week with HELLRAISER: BLOODLINE (1996), and there are a lot fewer corsets in the Age of Enlightenment flashbacks than Scott remembered. We console ourselves though with some demo-dogs and the less-well-known Twisted Twins, which are actually pretty progressive for a couple mid-90s security guards - good for you, Twin Cenobites! Strap in for one hell of an afterburner with your favorite masters of pain on another episode of Horror Movie Night!

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Quote of the Episode:

"Matt and I were talking about how there's no good horror movies in space and Scott said 'wait until Hellraiser: Bloodline... which doesn't count because I forgot this movie took place in space 7 times while watching it." - Brian