Episode 34: Tourist Trap (1979)


It's time to pack up your bathing suits, beach hats and beer money, cuz we're heading to SPRING BREAK WOOO with this week's pick, 1979's cult classic Tourist Trap! We are joined by Brian Burger (of Jennifer Help Us fame) and everyone but Adam has a blast talking about screaming mannequin heads, murderous mannequin bodies and sexy mannequin singing. Let's hit the ol' swimmin' hole while its geriatric owner pervs on us, it's Horror Movie Night!

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"Can we just call this Adam Hates Movies" - Adam

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If you've ever dreamed of your terrible father and stepmother being dismembered by an 8-foot-tall, remorseless teddy bear, then this week's pick is for you! Matt picked Dolls (1987) so that he could talk about how great this early draft of How I Met Your Mother is. He also wanted to talk about the trash punk girls with bad teeth. We think. Hold onto your porcelain eyes, it's another episode of Horror Movie Night!

You kids and your suburban problems. You know what you need? A trip to the woods to rough it a little. Nevermind the pervy locals and weed-crazed bugs, you just need a change of scenery. Who's ready to grill? The guys are discussing 1993's gooey giant bloodsucking bug flick Ticks this week, and all of the burning marijuana plants and extreme close-ups of Clint Howard push Matt, Adam and Scott to the brink of sanity. Lose your mind on another installment of Horror Movie Night!

You ever watch a movie where someone's hand is mutating into a crazy snake monster and just think to yourself, "dude shouldn't have jacked it so much..."? No? Well this week you may find yourself thinking just that as we wrap ourselves around the sequel-in-name-only Curse 2: The Bite (1989). Screaming Mad George isn't a guest on this episode, but Matt does his best impression of him and if you close your eyes and dip your hand in a bowl of room-temperature KY, it feels like he's really there! Bring your weird Amish accent and terrible singing voice, we'll be downing all the fly-beers we can stomach on this week's Horror Movie Night!